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Definitely, Plongeur Marine offers the most complete range of specialized lubricant products and the price-value you and your business need.

Marine Lubricants
Marine Lubricants
Our specialized team shall provide the advice you need when buying. Likewise, will help you develop, implement and maintain effective lubrication programs for each one of the equipment in your fleet.
Industrial and Specialty Lubricants
Industrial and Specialty Lubricants
Energy keeps our world in motion and provides access to essentials such as water, electricity, food and medical care. That's why we also offer our line of industrial lubricants
Car Engine Lubricants
Car Engine Lubricants
We offer quality and technology that extends the life of your vehicle and maximizes its performance.

Marine Lubricants - Plongeur Marine

Your specialist in lubricants and supplies for ships.

We sell lubricant products of the highest quality and technology, complemented by parts, supplies, safety or protective equipment, and specialized technical assistance services at competitive prices that allow our customers in the Caribbean and Venezuela have Plongeur Marine as its supplier more reliable, supported by our extensive experience in the shipping, automotive and industrial, and focused on safety, efficiency, accountability and profitability

Why choose us

The core values of this organization translate into providing high quality products, at competitive pricing, customer service experience and responsibility in all phases of the business relationship.

  • Competitive prices
  • Competitive Prices

    Never more than in our days have the values of courage, persistency and solidarity been put into trial by the rough present conditions of the shipping business. We understand the maritime business because we are part of it, hence that we never lose a best-deal-possible focus when serving our customers. We are aimed to put forward the best mix of competitiveness, quality and service at every vessel we serve.

  • High quality products
  • High Quality Products

    We provide high performance lubricants in manufactured in modern blending plants, characterized by the stringent level of their product quality assurance systems during the whole process of sourcing, blending and packing.

  • Expert Customer Service
  • Expert Customer Service

    Relying on a knowledgeable and dedicated professional team, our organization provides the highest level of response, smoothest delivery and values logistic and operational advice. Our vision is to be an expert cost effective marine lubricants supplier to the shipping industry calling Venezuelan ports.

    Our Customer Service team is not just order takers, they are experienced shipping and marine professional with a 24 hours a day service 365 days a year commitment. Our professionals know the specificities of each port of delivery and the local regulations; hence they can advise you to save time and money.

    Among other services they will provide the following:

    • Transport optimization.
    • Provision of alternate lifting options.
    • Professional handling of emergencies.
    • Commitment to providing diligent notification of extra charges (no surprises).
    • On-going communications and tailored reports before, during and up to the delivery completion.
  • Use of the cutting edge communication technology
  • Use of the cutting edge communication technology

    Our Marine Customer Service Officers are equipped with Smart Phones and vessel tracking programs, for keeping in close contact with all parties involved until the vessel’s delivery has been made. In case an unexpected event happens as the case can be, his/her mission will be to provide the best back-up delivery solutions.

    Our ambition is to serve any order for any vessel at whatever the port of call. Zero disappointment from our customer’s side is our goal as; we at Plongeur are seafarers like you.

  • Technical Services
  • Technical Services

    We are enabled to provide a robust technical service offer designed to optimize lubricant and equipment reliability and performance.

    Our services include:

    • On-board or laboratory oil analysis.
    • Results interpretation and recommendations.
    • Lubricants recommendation.
    • Oil drain interval studies.
    • On site troubleshooting.
    • Switch over advise.

    Our team of lubrication experts work with you to arrive at the best set of technical services to meet your goals.


  • Flexibility
  • Flexibility

    We have the ability to meet the needs of the markets without too much cost, time, effort, performance, or organizational disruption. It involves making the necessary changes in the operations without trauma. Our customers demand customized products--quick design change, broader and changing services, fluctuating order sizes, multiple quality levels, quick delivery response, and a variety of needs levels. We provide them.

  • Safety Awareness
  • Safety Awareness.

    Safety is always our top priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and no accidents that harm people, or put them at risk.

    To prevent accidents, we manage simple and clear requirements easy for people to understand and follow. Our safety policy covers health, safety, and security performance.

  • Environment Responsible
  • Environment Responsible

    We have a strong green vocation and as part of the marine industry are dedicated to reduce its environmental footprint and to protect the world’s seas.

    Some of ways we contribute is by offering the new range of biodegradable hydraulic, stern tube, gear oils and greases, these products are 100 times less toxic and 100% more biodegradable than conventional mineral oils.

    Underlying causes of pollution incidents usually include failure and misuse of valves, overflows, defects in plates or pipes, hose rupture, contaminated bilges and faulty gauges. The replacement of conventional mineral oils with biodegradable lubricants in equipment where there is a risk of accidental spillage or leakage and consequent environment damage could eventually become mandatory.

    Using biodegradable oil provides a “failsafe” solution for ship operators between the twin pressures of increasingly stringent legislation to protect the environment and the operating realities. 

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